Salt therapy is drug free therapy and claimed to be free from adverse effects. It doesn’t use any other component than Pharmaceutical Salt. With salt therapy, by inhalation salt enters in the respiratory tract, lungs and skin. It does not enter in stomach, kidney or heart, reducing probability of adverse effects.

If we consider relation of salt and hypertension, with salt therapy, by inhalation salt enters in the respiratory tract, lungs and skin. It doesn’t mix up with bloodstream directly. Moreover, if we consider amount of salt which is infused in the room for inhalation, the concentration of salt is 0.5-20 mg/m3 (milligram per cubic metre). To put that into perspective the daily recommended salt intake for the average adult according to WHO guideline is less than 5 gram. Hence the amount of salt entering in the respiratory system through inhalation is extremely low even for patients having hyper-tension.

According to cancer research UK, “An overview of studies (a meta analysis) published in 2012 suggested that around half of people with cancer use some sort of complementary therapy at some time during their illness. Many complementary therapies concentrate on relaxation and reducing stress. They might help to calm emotions, relieve anxiety and increase general sense of health and well-being. Many doctors, cancer nurses and researchers are interested in the idea that positive emotions can improve health.

Salt Therapy is not recommended in case of:

  • Severe Hypertension (which is not manageable even with the help of medication)
  • Relapsing and massive bleeding of any kind
  • Blood diseases in acute stage
  • Acute stage of respiratory disease
  • Severe chronic respiratory failure
  • Active tuberculosis
  • Mental disorders and all kinds of drug addiction
  • Malignant diseases
  • Intoxication
  • Cachexia
  • Pregnancy
  • Internal diseases in decompensation
  • Spitting of blood
  • Cardiac insufficiency
  • Chronic obstructive lung disease

Salt Therapy is natural drug-free process, hence recovery depends upon the type of severity of prevailing condition. If the condition of the patient is not too severe, even one session can provide great relief, but if it is too severe, the patient may be required to undergo multiple therapy sessions. But one thing is for sure that the patient will feel the benefits of the therapy from the first session itself.

At Plera Wellness, we take extreme care of hygiene and sterility of the salt room. So there are no possibilities of patients getting infected. The main component of the therapy, salt absorbs any prevailing microbes present in the salt room. The ventilation system of the salt room also constantly circulates the air during the session which ensures that the quality of air is pure and fresh. As a measure of safety and caution, patients with contagious conditions are not allowed to undergo salt therapy at Plera Wellness

Yes, of course. Salt Therapy is a complementary therapy, which means it enhances the positive effects of medications that the patient undergoes, if any. Salt therapy is a natural drug-free process, hence, it enables faster recovery and negates the side-effects of medication. Studies show that patients undergoing salt therapy along with medication experience faster improvement and recovery in their conditions and gradually become less dependent on Medications.