Salt therapy has originated from the salt mines and caves of Eastern Europe. In the process of mining the salt by workers, micro-sized salt particles were being disbursed into the air. In this environment, miners were breathing the salt particles and they rarely had any respiratory issues and also looked younger due to great skin appearance.

After studying the effects of such phenomenon, Dr. Feliks Boczkowski, an excellent doctor and a really smart business-man, found and opened the primary health resort facility at the Wieliczka Salt Mine in Poland in 1839 which is still in operation. Soon, salt therapy caught the attention of the medical community and to do specific research-based studies, the need for more convenient access to salt caves became a necessity.

In 1985 in Odessa, Russia, the Institute of Balneology, together with the salt cavers from Uzhgorod, developed first Halotherapy device. This device replicated the grinding & crushing of salt and circulating the micro sized salt particles into the air creating similar environment of salt cave. Halotherapy can be said to have “born” in the medical environment, in former Soviet Union.

(Source: Salt Therapy Association)