Salt is key element in Salt Therapy. During Salt Therapy Session, the patients are made to sit comfortably in tent and asked to breathe normally. Salt particles are generated in the tent with Halo-generator. Salt particles once inhaled, they travel through the sinuses and respiratory tract and goes deep inside the lungs. It reduces bacteria, infection and inflammation from the respiratory tract and lungs. It is also suitable for hyper-tension patients as by inhaling salt, it does not mix up with bloodstream and hence does not increase blood pressure.

Research shows, "salt therapy improved clinical state in 85% of mild and moderate asthma cases, 75% of severe asthma cases and 97% of chronic bronchitis and bronchiectasis. Number of common cold cases during cold season was reduced to half with Salt Therapy."

Post COVID complications: Salt therapy is not a treatment for COVID-19 as it doesn't claim recovery from it. However for a person recovered from COVID-19, it is useful to avoid post covid complications as it helps in increasing immunity and improving lungs health.